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What makes Food Recruit different?

Food Recruit work with Food Manufacturing businesses to successfully hire leading talent across the end to end Supply Chain. We recruit on a permanent basis across professional, management and executive roles.

Production line workers

Sourcing the correct candidate can be complex.

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With a proven blend of knowledge, research and contact network, we source candidates who meet your specific needs.

Over 10 years of practical Food Supply Chain & Business Development experience. Over 5 years of search & selection and CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply) certified. We have an unrivalled industry network allowing us to source exceptional candidates that meet our client’s needs

Whether you are looking to fill a void left by a departing senior colleague, you are looking to upskill the team or looking to grow or diversify your board – Please get in touch to arrange a discovery call to discuss how our specialist food recruitment services can help you

What makes Food Recruit different ?

We are not bound by corporate red tape which is why we are always able to help and partner our clients. We build a strong foundation which allows us to form strong partnerships for the future.

Not only our knowledge and vast network but our ability to bend and flex with our clients to find a solution that works for both of our businesses sets us apart.

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