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Recruitment Strategies

There are several benefits to using a recruitment agency vs hiring internally.

When it comes to hiring new employees, businesses face the decision of whether to use a specialist recruitment agency or let an in-house team do the job. This decision depends mainly upon the sector you work in, the size of your organisation, and how much expertise you require within your team.

There are many benefits to using specialist recruitment services over employing someone internally. Here we look at some of the key reasons why businesses choose to outsource their recruitment needs.

Candidates, industry knowledge, and business experience

A specialist recruiter typically spend their days looking for the best candidates for their client's needs. They do so by working in the recruitment process closely with HR professionals and sales teams to understand what skills are required, how much time they're spending on recruitment and why.

You'll be working closely with the people deciding whom to hire. And you'll be helping them to communicate effectively with each other about which applicants they think would be good fits for the job.

While you might know the basics of your food industry customer's business, there's much more to learn about the industries in which they work. What makes one type of food & drink products are better than others? How do markets evolve? Do new technologies threaten existing ones? These questions can help you identify potential problems and opportunities within your customers' businesses.

The list continues... As a specialist recruiter, you must stay abreast of the food manufacturing industry's current trends.

So, whether you want to look ahead or live in the moment, here are some ideas to think about:

What are my competitors offering?

If you're a recruiter, you may assume that agencies which specialise in niches like food manufacturing are less likely to advertise because they don't want their competition to know about them. However, you would be surprised to learn that smaller agencies are doing better than ever.

Talent pools

Food industry recruitment agencies are motivated by one thing - consistently providing the best candidates to their clients. They do this by creating a resource pool of talent that spans across job roles, geographies and skillsets. But how does it works? What makes an agency stand out from the rest? And what does this means for you?

A brand extension

Recruitment agen­cies are often seen as their own branded company, and many companies outsource their recruitment needs to them. This allows them to expand their reach beyond their boundaries and advertise their branding to potential candidates. Recruitment Agencies these days can do this because they are extensions of the company itself rather than sepa­rate entities.

While in-house recruiters may focus on internal matters, recruitment firms can act as salespeople for your business by selling your services to potential employees from different industries. They can provide a broader perspective on what it would mean to work at your organisation, including things like salary expectations and benefits packages. Guiding them through the recruitment and interview process to ultimate success.


Traditional human resources functions are challenged by new technologies, artificial intelligence and automation, so many companies are turning to outside agencies to fill vacancies. However, what does this mean for inside recruit­ers?


Most recruit­ers say that the difference in pay between internal hires and those who are outsourced is significant. A recent study found that nearly half of employers think the average hourly rate for an external candidate is less than the average hourly rate for their employees.


There is an enormous amount of technology available to recruiters today, and this includes specialist systems designed specifically for the job. While many HR departments do not have the budget to purchase such tools, many independent recruiters already utilise them.

These tools can streamline the entire hiring process, including psychometric tests to uncover candidate behaviours and attitudes, and eliminating both unconscious and explicit biases.

Many synergies can be created between in-house HR departments and external recruiters.

They may lack the capacity to devote full attention to the whole hiring process, and can draw upon the experience and knowledge of outside recruiters to help improve their own skill set.

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