Who I Am.

Food360 is a state-of-the-art recruitment platform that helps Food Manufacturers attract and retain the industries leading talent.

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I'm a Head Hunter Specialising In The
Food Manufacturing Sector.

"I believe that recruitment should be a personalised, consultative service"



A clear need for a recruitment partner who can provide search solutions to business leaders across the food manufacturing industry.



I work with various sized manufacturers in the UK and abroad. These include start-ups, SME's and FTSE 500 Businesses.

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About Food Recruit

My name is Scott Williams, Owner of Food Recruit Ltd and now Food Connected.

Before joining the recruitment sector in 2016, I worked in the industry myself for over 10 years as Supply Chain Manager & B2B Business Development Manager. I'm also CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply) certified.

I fell into recruitment, joining a local Automtive and Engineering agency as Senior Consultant for FMCG, they were looking to establish a footing in the food sector.

Later moving into a central Business Development Manager role, I supported the various recruitmnent teams within the business across multiple industries.

During the height of COVID, I took voluntary redundancy and in September 2020, I launched Food Recruit Ltd.

My previous industry experience, coupled with my specialist recruitment expertise has proved to be a winning formula.

Expanding my network considerably and allowing me to offer a full rounded service to my customers and clients in the UK and abroad.

"My clients and candidates are at the heart of what I do, I take pride in providing the level of service that sets me apart from my competitors."

Why Choose

Food Recruit

Over 15 years of food industry experience

Practical industry experience as Supply Chain Manager and B2B Business Development Manager in the poultry manufacturing sector.

Large European food industry network

Not only do we have an extensive network in the UK in both suppliers and customers, we also have a wide reach into western and central europe

I work in strict confidence on your behalf

I appreciate that some briefs are sensitive, which is why I guarantee I will operate in complete confidence on your behalf.


The majority of the time I will know who will be suitable for your role. However, sometimes my search will require full market mapping. Either way you can be assured I will be methodical and targeted.

Solutions Driven

Every client is different. Whether that be product, market, location or candidate requirements. Whatever your requirements, I will always find a solution.

Transparent Pricing

My service fee is clear and transparent. There are no hiden costs and I will ensure you are comfortable from the outset before I begin my work.

A smarter way to secure your next senior hire.

Food360 is a state-of-the-art recruitment platform.

My Values


I love what I do. I am passionate about what I do and this in turn, means I provide a service my clients and candidates deserve.

My work sometimes keeps me up at night. From day one, I promised myself I would set myself apart, work harder, be hungrier, care about the level of service I provide and everything would fall into place.


An idustry that can sometimes have a bad reputation. Food Recruit is built on honesty and trust. Everything I do is with complete intregrity and this is what is also expected of my partners.

By being true to this value, only then can lasting partnerships be formed with my candidates and clients.

Get in Touch


If I say I'm going to do something, I do it. If I ever let you down, then I would take it to heart which is why I'm passionate about what I do.

I hold myself to a high standard and it is this high bar, that ensures my clients keep coming back and will partner with me for years to come.

I work across the globe.