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Whether it's for executive search purposes or a wider leadership development initiative, our assessments provide comprehensive insights into individuals' behavioural styles and working approaches.

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Food360, our bespoke 360-degree assessment service, is fully customisable to suit the unique needs of our clients.

Whether it's utilised as part of an executive search or a broader leadership development project, our assessments provide deep and relevant insights into individuals' behavioural styles and working methods.

This understanding plays a crucial role in identifying and appointing high-impact, transformational leaders.

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Our Food360 Testing & Assessment Service

Powerful, self-serve product and growth analytics to help you convert, engage, and retain more users. Trusted by over 4,000 startups.

Job Survey

The McQuaig Job Survey is the indispensable online tool at the core of Food Recruit. With its comprehensive reports, we confidently define the behavioural requirements for any role in the food industry. By establishing an internal benchmark and understanding how tasks should be done, we ensure the selection of executives who possess the ideal behavioural profile for success whilst rejecting those who do not meet your criteria.

Candidate Survey

The Candidate (Word) Survey is an authoritative and extensively validated personality profiling tool featuring 10 user-friendly reports.

This online assessment takes only 10-20 minutes for candidates to complete. By measuring core personality traits and analysing behavior in current roles, it offers valuable insights into individual adjustments, including morale levels.

With its recognition by the British Psychological Society and rigorous review by the Psychological Testing Centre, the McQuaig Word Survey® stands as a trusted assessment for recruiting, managing, developing, and retaining talent, providing you with the tools to make informed decisions and drive organisational success

Feedback Report

This report describes this individual's preferred or natural pattern of behaviour. As this is an assessment of their temperament/behaviour only, other personal characteristics such as attitudes, self-motivation, stability, emotional maturity, intelligence, etc., as well as skills and abilities must be taken into consideration when reviewing this report.

Job Fit Interview Guide

This tool provides a way to ensure consistent interview practice. Questions are tailored to the candidate. This is based on their McQuaig Word Survey® profile and the behavioural needs of the role.Many interviews rely solely on competency based questions. This report enables you to integrate key behavioural competencies as well.

Self Development Guide

The Self Development Survey® helps individuals understand ‘what makes them tick’ and how to maximise those strengths. It contains 5 sections: A summary of your behavioural profile, Ways to optimise you strengths, Ways to manage your developmental areas, A guide to getting input from your manager or coach and a Detailed action plan


Our business is only as good as our reputation. Here is a selection of kind words shared by some of our trusted partners.

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with Scott. Open, honest, collaborative and communicative, Scott mixes utmost professionalism with humour and personality which makes the (often painful) process of finding top talent a pleasant experience.

Scott takes the time to fully understand the needs and personality of the organisation before recommending candidates, but still delivers within often very often tight timescales.

I look forward to working with Scott again, and have no hesitation in recommending him to support your executive search.”

emma bateman
operations director

“Anybody can throw CVs at a client, but very few can throw the right ones and the certainty that the skill set and cultural fit are aligned to the clients needs.

With Scott, you get someone who has the industry knowledge within Procurement & Supply Chain, he just gets it because he has done it.

Other recruitment organisations should take a good look at themselves and understand you don't need sales people to recruit, you need subject matter experts who know what their clients are seeking. Would I use Scott again? Absolutely!”

andy neilson
supply chain & procurement director

“Scott has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to dealings with executive recruitment consultants, he was from day 1, Informative, helpful, prompt & supportive.

Other 'bigger' companies promise you earth & tell you that you are their 'focus' but then deliver nothing or are nearly impossible to get hold.

Scott was always on the end of the phone & available at any time & realises the importance of communication.
Could not recommend him highly enough.

His success in this somewhat fickle industry is in no question & he deserves the recognition he receives”

mark southall
head of procurement

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