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Executive Search & Selection (otherwise known as Head Hunting) methodology is a proven way of identifying, attracting and retaining the best industry talent.

Executive Search and Selection is the method of attracting and recruiting the best possible personnel at the Executive Management, Director, or other high professional level. Search and Selection is also utilised to fill difficult-to-fill and confidential positions. This strategy entails directly contacting canidates to inform them of your opportunities.

Why Choose Food Recruit?

The mission of Food Recruit is to link employers with the greatest talent in the UK. We take pleasure in our abilities to develop a recruitment approach that follows a strict deadline and produces results.

Our clients' demands, and those of our applicants, come first. Understanding those demands from the beginning enables us to create the greatest possible result for all stakeholders. As a result, we begin our process with a simple dialogue to identify your recruiting difficulties.

We have a large database of senior managers and business executives registered with us, and we rely on long-standing contacts to guarantee that no stone is left unturned in our search for the appropriate individual for your available position.

We maintain a high degree of excellence. What distinguishes Hampton's is our ability to combine world-class talent sourcing with first-rate client service.

Our best practises as a company include:

- Keeping abreast of trends, legislation, news, budget changes, and other significant developments in the social care and recruiting industries.

- Immersion in the sector to provide excellent advise to clients and candidates alike.

- Handling confidential projects in an ethical and secure manner.

- Communicating your vision and ethos from the beginning to ensure cultural compatibility with prospective candidates.

We will collaborate with you, the customer, during the whole recruitment process to keep all stakeholders informed of our progress.

Candidates Who Are Passive

A passive candidate is typically employed, effective in their current work, and, although not actively seeking new opportunities, is open to hearing about them. Passive applicants can constitute 75% of the workforce at any one moment. As specialists, we can source these people through the Search and Selection process, ensuring that you have access to the whole talent pool, not just the other 25%.

Fee Schedule

As the project advances, this is divided into three stages: engagement, shortlisting, and offer stage.

What is the cost to your business of getting your recruitment startegy wrong

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Managing Director

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Executive Search & Selection