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Our Superior Recruitment Service

When vacancies are at a record high, and the best talent has numerous opportunities at any given time, your business must select the right search partner to attract and retain them to your business.

Food360 is a state-of-the-art recruitment platform. A simple CV in your inbox is not good enough anymore, which is why our intuitive, cutting-edge service goes deeper, providing the service you deserve and ensuring we get it right every time.

Our value-added service includes competency-based questions, candidate video introductions, psychometric testing, personality profiling, reference checking, vetting and much more.

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What is

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Food360 is a tried-and-true methodology that uses cutting-edge recruitment technology and is provided via our award-winning platform to fully digitise your recruitment process.

Hiring managers can access candidate shortlists created by Food360 at any moment, from any web-enabled device.

You and your colleagues may now analyse several candidate videos, CVs, behavioural profiles, and supporting paperwork in real time with Food360.

Food360 allows you to interact and communicate with us and your colleagues in one convenient location.

What Food360 Delivers

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Industry-Leading Retention Rates of 96%

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with our FREE 12-month replacement insurance. Although, given our track record of success, it's unlikely you'll need it.

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Save Upwards of £100,000 per Hire

Expect to save both time and money by raising your retention rates and decreasing your commercial downtime.

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Reduce Your Overall Time-to-Hire

Our applicant pre-assessments will increase your interview-to-hire ratio and give you the confidence to move the hiring process along more quickly.

Why we partner with the McQuaig Insitute

People generally hire for skills and terminate for behaviours.

When a new recruit does not work out, it is rarely because their abilities or experience are inadequate. It's because their BEHAVIOR was not a good match for your company.​

To effectively evaluate prospects, you must be able to quantify what makes them unique and important.

- Are they more introverted or outgoing?
- Do they function best in groups or alone?
- Is he or she a leader or a follower?​
- Are they more introverted or outgoing?

​These are all important aspects of a person's capacity to accomplish their job and succeed in your company.

That cannot be determined by a CV and a series of hurried interviews.​

If you'd want us to evaluate the next role in your recruitment strategy, contact us to discuss how we can help.

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