In addition to our specialist recruitment expertise, we can also work on your behalf as consultants, representing you in the industry as a copack agent.

A contract manufacturer is an independent business that produces products for another. It is a form of outsourcing. In the food industry a contract manufacturer is also known as a co-packer. Co-packaging has been gaining importance among manufacturers, as it offers them opportunities for operational efficiency. In the current economic climate, co-packing has become increasingly popular as a means of fulfilling large projects without taking on extra staff and equipment.

Improve your efficiencies and increase your margins

Manufacturing, packing, or preparing foods is very expensive, so manufacturers often partner up with other companies who have the resources to facilitate their needs. Production trial-runs and line time can cost thousands of pounds and manufacturers would prefer to work with established food companies.

As a result, companies don't spend any time or effort promoting their manufacturing facility. They won't even consider working with you if you're not represented by an agent.

Manufacturers who use co-manufacturing services can save significant amounts of money on their manufacturing costs. As long as the manufacturer keeps proper oversight, contract manufacture or copacking can allow them to decrease their production cost, maintain high quality standards, and increase their margins.

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You have a requirement. Whether that be you are seeking a new partner to manufacture your niche product, you are looking to outsource your repack or you are looking for options outside of the UK - Where do you start?
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We Are Uniquely Placed

Our practical industry experience and extensive recruitment network with manufacturers across the UK and abroad, means we are uniquely placed to help.

Food Recruits role, not only in recruitment but also as consultants is to bring people together. In this instance we map the market for your requirements and approach potential partners on your behalf to gage capabilities and business fit.

Once identified and initial discussions have taken place, we will then make the introduction between you and your potential new supplier

For a transparent flat fee, we save you valuable time and resources by utilising our expertise in a consultative, professional and confidential approach.