How To Get A Pay Rise & What To Do If You Don’t Get It?

15.02.21 11:45 AM

Some people love that time of year, THE PERFORMANCE REVIEW and know how to get a pay rise. But many of us dread the inevitable yearly discussion about personal objectives, and the pressure and scrutiny that comes with it. 

Depending on how confident you are in self-promotion and your communication style; you could find the review experience a walk in the park. But many of us anticipate an awkward scenario that we just want to avoid. 

Asking for a pay rise depends on a number of factors, which of course includes your performance but also elements you can’t control, like your company’s financial position and market conditions. 

8 steps to get a payrise

If you don’t know where to start when preparing for your review, try these 8 steps on how to get a pay rise which will hopefully help you;

1) What is your market value? Compare your job with similar roles elsewhere, what are they paying? 

2) What have you achieved? Come prepared with evidence of quantifiable, demonstrable skills, qualifications and workplace results. 

3) Is your work/projects on track? Don’t ask for money if your boss is still waiting for you to complete the project which is now overdue!

4) When is the company appraisals or companies’ year end scheduled for? Make sure your request fit’s the timings as your boss will be in a better position to make a decision. 

5) This is your time! Make sure you arrange a meeting of at least half an hour with your boss. You require their undivided attention; this is your career after all. That means for the length of the meeting, no phones, no laptops, no outside interference! 

6) Keep emotion out of it! Present your case clearly and unemotionally, being reasonable and ready to compromise throughout the meeting.  

7) Take everything into consideration! Consider any offers, benefits, perks and on-the-job training may be just as valuable as a salary increase. 

8) What next? If your request is denied, what is your plan? Could it involve new training and study, or looking for a better role elsewhere. 

I hope this has been of help, of course if you wish to discuss further please contact me

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I’m an independent owner of Food Recruit. Passionate about the Food & Drink industry having spent time as a Supply Chain Manager and Business Development Manager for two of the UK’s largest meat importers. High Care, Low Care, Chilled and Ambient I have worked across all markets including B2B, Foodservice, Wholesale and Retail.

I fell into recruitment in 2016 to start a Food & Drink desk in a long standing Engineering Recruitment business in the West Midlands. Progressing on to Business Development Manager covering multiple markets before starting my own agency in September 2020.