Don’t Overlook The Little Guy!

15.02.21 11:47 AM

As we draw close to what has been a year to forget. It’s also been for me a year to remember so don’t overlook the little guy!

In April I was put on furlough where I sat at home stewing with my thoughts. At the time I was working as a Business Development Manager for a well known Engineering, Automotive and Aerospace agency. To say the future looked bleak was an understatement.

During the following months this niggling thought I had in my mind for years kept eating away – why don’t I work for myself? I’ve always had ideas, always new ways of working and not afraid to try new things. When you work for “the man” you’re always going to be held back.

So that was it, I decided to go for it. Voluntary redundancy taken and away I went with the world my oyster!

I launched Food Recruit the start of September and wow, what a learning curve it has been. I had no idea just how much work it takes to set up and run a business, certainly not a recruitment business in the middle of a pandemic.

With my extensive Food Manufacturing background, I wanted to provide my own specialist service. One that was personal, honest, professional and hard working.

Don't overlook the little guy

Food Recruit launched but I needed to go up against the established “big boys” in the market. A tough task, considering nobody knew who I was or why Food Recruit is different.

  • Being honest
  • Professional
  • Flexible and fluid to find a solution which works for my clients
  • Working harder than my “bigger” competitors
  • Delivering on my promises

Food Recruit specializes in Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics and Commercial operations in the end to end Food & Drink supply chain in the UK and abroad.

My first every vacancy as a business owner was a Sales Director. I was so excited not only to get my first role on but such an important one. I was behind the curve ball and was in the slipstream of a retained agency who had let the client down and it only took that one opening and I was away.

I’ll be forever grateful to Emma, the Head of HR who not only showed faith in me, but also gave me the confidence that I was doing the right thing.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with Scott.

Open, honest, collaborative and communicative, Scott mixes utmost professionalism with humour and personality which makes the (often painful) process of finding top talent a pleasant experience.

Scott takes the time to fully understand the needs and personality of the organisation before recommending candidates, but still delivers within often very often tight timescales.

I look forward to working with Scott again, and have no hesitation in recommending him to support your executive search

In a short space of time and my first quarter in business, I’ve successfully placed industry talent from Planners to Directors in the UK and abroad (something I never considered from the outset) and I’m not looking back.

My calendar for January is full of scheduled calls from potential new clients who are willing to give the “little guy” an opportunity to impress.

So what I would take from this if I had to go back to September, don’t ever be afraid of businesses that are bigger, more well known and have endless resources. Stay true to yourself, keep bending and flexing and when the seas are calmer, clients will remember who went the extra mile in the time of need

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and we will all no doubt have a fantastic 2021 – it’s deserved

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Scott Williams
Director of Food Recruit 
07835 426149
[email protected] 

I’m an independent owner of Food Recruit. Passionate about the Food & Drink industry having spent time as a Supply Chain Manager and Business Development Manager for two of the UK’s largest meat importers. High Care, Low Care, Chilled and Ambient I have worked across all markets including B2B, Foodservice, Wholesale and Retail.

I fell into recruitment in 2016 to start a Food & Drink desk in a long standing Engineering Recruitment business in the West Midlands. Progressing on to Business Development Manager covering multiple markets before starting my own agency in September 2020.