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How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter
Cover letters are the first chance you have to stand out from the crowd and impress a potential employer or recruiter. Here, I use an example of what I would do
15.02.21 11:47 AM - Comment(s)
How To Deal With Job Rejection
Nobody likes job rejection. Especially if you were well prepared and your heart was set on the role, use this experience into a positive one.
15.02.21 11:46 AM - Comment(s)
5 Ways To Structure A CV That Will Get You Noticed
With high unemployment and mountains of CV's, it's hard to stand out. Here are our 5 ways to structure a CV that will get you noticed.
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What is the average production manager salary in the uk?
So what is the average production manager salary in the UK? With help from Payscale we take a look and show possible career paths for you
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How To Get A Pay Rise & What To Do If You Don’t Get It?
The dreaded appraisal has arrived, you've worked hard all year - but how to get a pay rise and what to do if you dont get one?
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